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Each CleanBox UV Sterilization pack mounts just like a traditional light fixture. But, inside is a UV sterilization light that kills airborne bacteria and viruses like COVID-19.  Two powerful fans draw in air and pass through the UV sterilization chamber. 

Each CleanBox fixture can disinfect over 1,000 sq. ft. of air, every 11-minutes.

CleanBox UV Sterilization

CleanWhite LED lighting provides powerful, efficient lighting that actively fights on-surface pathogens like MRSA, Salmonella, and others

CleanWhite is safe to use in occupied spaces, and CleanWhite LED light sources can be easily retrofitted into many existing fixtures or installed as a complete solution.

CleanWhite™ LED Lighting

Virtual Midnight is an intelligent automaton tool that maximizes the effectiveness of other SafeClass technologies.  By monitoring occupancy, light levels, sunrise and sunset times, Virtual Midnight can optimize nighttime disinfection cycles when classrooms are unoccupied, and help make sure that students and teachers return to a safer, cleaner environment every morning.

Virtual Midnight Automation

IES (Illuminating Engineering Society)

"UV-C is the only UV light that has been effectively tested to inactivate viruses and kill bacteria, according to several studies"

Infection Control Today

"Aerobic bacterial colonies (ABC), the bacterial counts were 56% lower for post-manual cleaning plus UV, compared with manual cleaning alone."


We are passionate about face to face learning. SafeClass Lighting with disinfectant UV LEDs help get kids back into the classroom safely.  Watch our video to see how.

Get Back Into The Classroom, Safely.

Kill Airborne Viruses

Download our Detailed SafeClass Whitepaper, Learn How SafeClass Can Protect Teachers, Students & Administrators

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CleanBox UV Sterilization kills airborne bacteria and viruses like COVID-19, sterilizing 1,000 sq. ft. of air every 11-minutes

CleanWhite LED™ Lighting is a pathogen-fighting LED lighting that’s safe to use in occupied areas.

Safeclass technologies can fight bacteria and viruses while students and teachers are in-class, and our Virtual Midnight controller can automatically run overnight sterilization cycles. 

Destroy On-Surface Pathogens

During Class & Overnight

SafeClass technologies use the power of light to kill airborne, and on-surface pathogens in classrooms, businesses and more.

Make In-Person Education Safer With Pathogen-Fighting Lighting Technology 

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Protect Students,
Teachers & Your Community

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SafeClass Technologies Used



  • Mounts like a traditional light fixture
  • Kills bacteria & viruses like COVID-19
  • Sterilizes 1,000 sq. ft. every 11 minutes
  • Can be operated while classrooms are occupied, or empty


  • Kills surface pathogens
  • Safe to use in occupied spaces
  • Proven effective on:
    • MRSA
    • Salmonella
    • Others
  • Easy to retrofit & install


  • Monitors occupancy, light levels,
    and seasonal change
  • Runs a two-to five-hour nighttime disinfection cycle at the darkest point between dawn & dusk
  • Targets airborne & surface pathogens



How to Get SafeClass


You have an important voice in the safety of your child’s education.  Fill out our contact form, and we’ll help you advocate for SafeClass technologies in your school.

Educators & Administrators

SafeClass technologies make a meaningful improvement in the safety of your in-person education. We’re already working with leading private institutions and public school districts around the country, and we’re ready to work with you.

SafeClass For Your Children's SchoolSafeClass For Your School

Benefits That Go Beyond COVID-19

Every year, nearly 22-million school days are lost to the common cold, and common pathogens like the flu, salmonella and others cause millions more.  

Even when we’ve gone past COVID-19, SafeClass technology will continue to make classrooms safer from a wide range of viruses and bacteria. 

Learn About SafeClass

SafeClass is available now to both public school districts and private institutions. Installations are underway across the country, and it’s important to schedule yours as quickly as possible.

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